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NCS: Tribecast has been a game-changer for us

No longer do we rely on managing our own servers and team to sort our live streams.

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NCS: No Copyright Sounds 24/7 live streamings.

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds), a British record label that revolutionized music rights clearance by making monetizable, royalty-free dance music accessible to creators to use freely, has established itself as one of the biggest music channels on YouTube. With billions of views on their brand YouTube channel and over 235 billion views across their music catalog generated during the past decade, they are one of the leading players in the electronic space on YouTube.

In Feb 2021, NCS started its first 24/7 live stream with Tribecast, going on to launch another live stream shortly after with the goal to build its brand, community, and influence on YouTube. During this time, Tribecast has proven its impact on growing NCS critical growth metrics on YouTube.

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